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famous wine quotes

famous wine quotes

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wine guide - grapesCollection of famous wine quotes and drinking quotations online. If you know of any good wine quotes by famous people, or drinking quoations, please send them in so we can share them with other wine enthusiasts.

Wine Quotes - More Famous Wine Quotes
Selection of famous wine quotes about drink wines and appreciating wine.
  • Wine rejoices the heart of man and joy is the mother of all virtues.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - German philosopher
  • Wine from long habit has become an indispensable for my health.
    Thomas Jefferson - 3rd American President
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Drinking Quotes - More Famous Drinking Quotes
Selection of famous drinking quotes and the results of drinking alcohol.
  • Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
    Ernest Hemingway - American Author
  • I don't have a drinking problem except when I can't get a drink.
    Tom Waits - American Singer and Musician
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Alcohol Quotes - More Famous Alcohol Quotes
Selection of famous quotes aboul alcohol and alcoholic drinks.
  • I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.
    Winston Churchill - British Prime Minister
  • Two great European narcotics.. alcohol and Christianity.
    Friedrich Nietzsche - Philosopher and Writer
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  • Beer commercials usually have big men, manly men doing manly things: 'You just killed a small animal. It's time for a light beer.' Why not a realistic beer commercial like, 'It's five o'clock in the morning. You just pissed on a dumpster. It's Miller time.'
    Robin Williams - Comedian and Actor
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